Pioneering wellness entrepreneurship and beyond

Its time for a new paradigm. Its time to reconnect to the elements of life and reclaim your health forever.

Dr. Joel Gould

Pioneering Wellness Entrepreneurship into the Modern Era

The man behind Modern Hunter Gatherers, Modern American Dentistry, SolSleep, and many other ventures, is flipping modern science on its head. A serial entrepreneur crafting timeless wellness ventures for the digital age.

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Modern Hunter Gatherers "The Heros of Light"

Dr. Joel has created a beautiful system, story and groundbreaking tools to help humans “reconnect to the elements of life”.

Introducing “The Heroes of Light”

These are the heroes that are battling for your health right now. These are the celebrities of our bodies, and the stars of our lives. Learn about how our bodies truly work from their adventures in your body, as they fight for your natural and organic health.

“To be healthy we need to reconnect to these essential elements of life. EARTH, FIRE, AIR and WATER.”

Dr. Joel GouldFounder, MHG

Modern American Dentistry - Highest Level of Care

At Modern American Dentistry, we provide the highest level of patient care and dentistry available. We incorporate modern technology to make your dental treatment more successful, precise, and comfortable. We create lasting relationships with our patients and value the role we play in the health of our community.

“This dentist is basically a mad genius, a high speed, high energy idea factory, and a true artisan.”

Jeff CarterLocal Guide

Modern Sleep Solutions

Dr. Joel has finished his most recent venture adding an all in one snoring, insomnia, sleep apnea and sleep disorders solution. A complete product line, procedures and curriculum to help getting people’s life to optimum health with optimum sleep forever.

“When you don't sleep right, you don't heal and if you don't heal at night then you break down.”

Dr. Joel GouldFounder, SolSleep


    In today’s hectic modern world, we live a very different life than our ancestors did. Understanding our evolutionary origins allows us to give our environmentally sensitive bodies the right information for health.

    Dr. Joel Gould